Priti Patel Sleaze and Bullying? Isn’t this corrupt?

We’ve had years of this Bullying, Sleaze and Corruption under 6 different Tory leaders – Major, Cameron, May, Johnson, Truss and now Sunak. Nothing changes!

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This is well worth listening to. What is going on? What happened between her and Johnson and Israel? How is she getting away with breaking ministerial code? Why is she lobbying for contracts for friends?


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2 thoughts on “Priti Patel Sleaze and Bullying? Isn’t this corrupt?

  1. I keep coming across it, hidden at the bottom, or behind, analyses. Take the Grenfell catastrophe for one example: getting rid of red tape (deregulation) and so allowing corner-cutting and liberties taken resulting in lost lives.
    What is it? A name. David Cameron.
    Anyone remember him, now?

    1. I agree Michael. These people do these stupid things and are never held to account for their actions. Deregulation is good for profits even if it kills people! Profit is all that matters to them. I think all the Tories have a lot to answer for. Cameron is one of many.

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