Austerity – The Choices

In times of crisis, there are choices.

You could do a windfall tax on the massive unexpected profits being made by the energy and oil companies.

You could tax the rich a little more.

You could put a tax on the massive banker bonuses.

You could close the tax loopholes so that money is not stuffed away in the Cayman Islands.

Or you could cut public services and tax the poor.

For the Tories it’s always Public Service cuts and hitting the poor with pay freezes and taxes – always.

After twelve years of Tory cuts we’re at a place where nothing is working. The NHS is on its knees, the police are spread too thin, the courts aren’t working, the care sector is broken.

You’re OK if you are fit and well, don’t get mugged or burgled, aren’t in an accident, aren’t old, frail or needy, aren’t poor or in low pay. But if you’re a rich Tory with private health care, a gated community with private security guards and can afford a nice private retirement home you’re laughing – literally they are laughing at us!

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