The Amazon Trip – Cape Verde – Mindelo – Photos

Opher's World

Brave Helios was peeping through the gold and pink shrouds on the horizon as we slipped through the gaping maw into Vulcan’s belly – the giant crater of a bay in which Mindelo was nestled.

The peaks and ridges surrounded us, creating a safe harbour from which to explore. We were up with the sun to photograph the event prior to taking breakfast in the warmth on deck.

Cape Verde, not so much verdant as rusty brown and dusty – no rain for three years! A set of islands off the coast of Senegal – but not of Africa – raised from the sea bed itself in an explosive inferno of molten rock and lava as magma erupted into air, creating islands of solidified rock and compressed ash, islands used by the Portuguese and British as staging posts for slavery and refuelling, as sanctuary in a natural haven.

The day…

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