Today’s Music to keep me SssSSsAAaaaNnnnNEeee – Linton Kwesi Johnson – All Wi Doin is Defendin

The great Brixton poet describes the Brixton riots but he could be talking about Ukraine.

It’s still appropriate!! Putin! Russia!! Ukraine!!

War… war…
Mi seh lissen
Oppressin man
Hear what I say if yu can
Wi have
A grevious blow fi blow

Wi will fite yu in di street wid we han
Wi have a plan
Soh lissen man
Get ready fi tek some blows

Doze days
Of di truncheon
An doze nites
Of melancholy locked in a cell
Doze hours of torture touchin hell
Doze blows dat caused my heart to swell
Were well
And are now
At an end

All wi doin
Is defendin
Soh get yu ready
Fi war… war…
Freedom is a very firm thing
All oppression
Can do is bring
Passion to di eights of eruption
An songs of fire wi will sing

No… no…
Noh run
Yu did soun yu siren
An is war now
War… war…

Di Special Patrol
Will fall
Like a wall force doun
Or a toun turn to dus
Even dow dem think dem bold
Wi know dem cold like ice wid fear
An wi is fire!
Choose yu weapon dem
All wi need is bakkles an bricks an sticks
Wi hav fist
Wi fav feet
Wi carry dandamite in wi teeth

Sen fi di riot squad
Cause wi runin wild
Wi bittah like bile
Blood will guide
Their way
An I say
All wi doin
Is defendin
Soh set yu ready
Fi war… war…
Freedom is avery fine thing

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