Jerry Lee Lewis – Last of the Great Rock ‘n’ Rollers Dies aged 87!!

He was the Sun pianist! He was there with Elvis, Carl and Roy. He belted out some of the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll classics – a rebel, hard-living, hard-drinking, womanising rocker! The Killer!!

Great Balls of Fire – speaking Confidentially he was a Wild One!! Goodbye to an era! Goodbye Jerry Lee!! He shook ’em!!

16 thoughts on “Jerry Lee Lewis – Last of the Great Rock ‘n’ Rollers Dies aged 87!!

  1. It’s so strange – yesterday I was catching up on some gossipy news (TMZ) and they posted a retraction of this very story the day before. They reported that he had died, and they did the whole long post detailing his life. Then on the 26th they found out he had in fact, NOT died, and that the person that called was not actually his manager and they posted a retraction, which I read yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I saw this, and although I know you’re always accurate when you reports such things, I did a passing google search and found it all over the internet that it was REAL this time. So heart breaking. I loved his music. His light will shine for lifetimes to come.

      1. Perhaps. I don’t remember that happening in my life…ever. Oh, the hoax death notices, yes – but I don’t remember it being news someone died, then they’re like “uh…. hey y’all, no I didn’t” and then, like within 48 hours, they are.

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