Words by Opher Goodwin – The Preface.


These are a collection of my words. They are not even really mine. I have merely borrowed them.

I have selected the words out of a vast collection that I keep locked in my head.

Each of these words has a sound and a meaning. I have noticed in the course of my life that every one of these words has a different sound depending on where you live. I have also noticed that each word also has a multitude of meanings depending on many factors.

That means that all the words I select probably sound different to you than the way I would pronounce them and mean totally different things to you than they do to me.

That makes communication difficult.

That doesn’t deter me in the least.

Gleefully I place the words I have chosen together in long strings separated by squiggles and dots. When you place two or more words together, they interact with each other so that their meanings become expanded. They express ideas, thoughts, dreams and stories.

These are my thoughts, dreams, ideas and stories.

When you read them, they become yours.

I give them to you. Do with them as you will. Sharing is good.

I hope some will make you smile.

I hope some will make you angry.

I am older now but I still hope.

Opher 6.10.2022

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