We Live, We Love, We Die.

We Live, We Love, We Die.

We Live, We Love, We Die

                In the debris,

                                In the rubble,


                Or running for our lives.

We Live, We Love, We Die

                As statistics

                                In a paper,

In the war room

                As they plot.

We Live, We Love, We Die

                All there is,

                                A brief moment,

Clinging to existence

                Consigned to eternity.

Opher – 30.3.2022

Life is cheap. It means everything to us but it means nothing to them. It means nothing to the planners of war. It means nothing to eternity.

We cling to existence in the face of forever. We end up as statistics. That’s all.

Ultimately life just is ……… a collection of moments hovering in infinity.

The war rages in Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia and the rest. All around the world countries prepare for war, they build warships, bombers, fighters, tanks and submarines. They manufacture missiles and bombs. They stock nuclear devices.

They are preparing death.

It is madness.

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