The World is their toy

The World is their toy

The money. It’s always the money,

                That drives the wealthy on.

They’ll shit on anyone.

Don’t care about right or wrong.

They speculate to accumulate

                With bribes, corruption and threats.

Using war and death

                To pay off their debts.

They run a tight ship.

                Never giving the poor a sniff.

Controlling the whole world.

                Everyone’s life is in their gift.

Politicians, popes and ayatollahs

                Eat and drink at their table.

Bankers, brokers and userers

                Always willing to play ball.

The whole world is their toy,

                Its future is beyond their care.

They use it, abuse it, rape it

                And strip it bare.

Opher 21.10.2022

There is no way out of this death-grip they have us in. Money breeds power. Their aims are insane but all they care about is themselves. They do not possess long-term vision.

We are being guided by arrogant, psychotic madmen who really do not care.

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