The Tory ERG and Trumpists have a lot in common.

It seems to me that both the GOP in the USA and the Tory Party in the UK are suffering the same fate. They have both been taken over by extreme right-wing xenophobic/racist nationalists.

The ERG are a bunch of extreme nationalists who have been causing trouble in the Tory Party for decades. Their xenophobic/racist attitude to Europe has caused major internal/external problems for the Tories since the 1960s. They were a thorn in the side of Heath, Thatcher, Major, Cameron, May, Johnson and Truss. They have taken over the Tory Party, ousted more moderate Tories like Hammond, Stewart, Clarke, Hesseltine, Grieve, Gauk and Rudd, overthrown most of their own Prime Ministers, foisted an extremely damaging Tory Brexit on us, foisted the idle lying buffoon of Johnson on us, then foisted Truss on us. The damage they have done to the country and our standing in the world is immeasurable.

In the USA the Trumpists have done the same. They have taken over the GOP and ousted more moderate, sensible voices. Under the silly slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ they created fear and hatred like all the fascists before them. They used fear of Islam, fear of immigrants, fear of terrorism, fear of job losses, created division and stoked it up into hate. They promised to bring back or revitalise outdated technologies, brought in anti-immigrant measures with ludicrous thousand-mile walls and extradition policies, supported guns and misogynistic laws straight of the religious-rights handbook.

Both work on xenophobia and racism

Both promote hatred and division

Both propose simple black-and-white answers to complex situations

Both support violence

Both undermine democracy

Both control the media and pump out propaganda

Both hold up a simplistic solution

Both use soundbites and avoid scrutiny

Both avoid all accountability

Both use religion and patriotism to disguise their real aims

Both are lining their own pockets at the expense of ordinary people

Both have more in common with past fascists than anybody else

Both are idle and self-centred

Both are immoral hypocrites.

Johnson and Trump spent more time partying, on the golf course, dining and wining, womanising and cheating, than they did working.

Both lie and cheat.

Of course, they would probably deny most of this.

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