Today’s Music to keep me SsSSSAaaaAnNNnnEee – Roy Harper – Death Or Glory

This song has been on my mind lately so I thought I’d dig it out. In among all the fabulous epic songs that Roy composed these masterpieces tend to get overlooked.

It’s about the terrible break-up with Jacqui, all the anger, bile and wish for reconciliation, but the vibe seems just as relevant when applied to the more social/political madness of Ukraine and the nuclear holocaust that a madman might unleash.

Death or glory?
Baby you and me
No warning, no mercy
Off with his head
She said, said she

Death or glory?
All the bliss, all the memory
You threw us out the window
Not even one last kiss
One last kiss

Stick on the ice
Fast forward, out of town
Drunk me dry, threw me away
Strength is down

Like one that on a lonesome road
Doth walk in fear and dread
Having once turned ’round walks on
And turns no more his head
For he knows that close behind
A fearful fiend doth tread

Death or glory?
Baby, you and me
Let’s get into battle
Win us both a V.C.

There’s nothing left here, we can lose
Everything to win
We lived in heaven hearts and minds
We can make it back again
Our strength, strength will be then

Death or glory?
Baby, down to you
Death or glory?
Baby, up to me

Get stick on the ice
Fast forward out of town
Drunk me dry, threw me away
My strength was gone

We lived in heaven
Hearts and minds
We can make it there again
Baby, yeah, yeah, yeah
Our strength will be then

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