Why The Beatles were the Best Band in the World – Pt 2

Still are!

Opher's World

The next phase of the Beatles progress was their Teeny Bop years. Now this normally would be the kiss of death. Who can possibly take anyone seriously when they are catering for a bunch of prepubescent girls? Certainly bands like Take That are the biggest turn-off for me. The testimony to the Beatles quality was that they squared the circle and pulled it off – and they did it in style. Their songs had a quality that appealed beyond the horizons of their teenage audience. Not only that, but the production, organised by George Martin, was perfect.

The series of singles continued unabated. The quality did not drop despite the pressures on them and the immense workload. Those singles were innovative and all different. They did not fall into the rut of repetition. Even so the material they produced was lyrically limited and focussed almost entirely on love songs.


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