How are we doing?

How are we doing?

Well let me see:

  • The rate of growth is 0.2% which is 26th out of 28 and one third of countries like Romania.
  • Education is in crisis. Schools have major budget crises. Teachers are leaving in droves. Support staff have been decimated. Pay cuts are causing chaos.
  • The pound dropped through the floor and hasn’t recovered so goods are more expensive.
  • The NHS is in crisis. Doctors and nurses recruitment is dire. Waiting lists grow. Pay cuts are causing chaos.
  • The courts are in crisis. Funding cuts have meant that justice is a lottery. Court cases are collapsing.
  • The wealthy are doing very nicely. Tax cuts have given them more money.
  • Privatisation is doing nicely. In the NHS, Education, Rail, Prisons and loads of other places the wealthy are making profits.
  • The railways are in chaos.
  • Bankers are doing very nicely. None of them had to pay for the mess they made and their bonuses are great.
  • Prisons are in crisis. Pay cuts have made it hard to recruit warders.
  • Policing is in crisis. Pay cuts and cutbacks have created a big rise in crime. People are being stabbed and shot.
  • The DUP are doing very nicely. Their billion pound bung was very nice. They are now stopping Northern Ireland from going forward. Still – women can go to Eire.
  • Social services are in crisis. There is no money to care for old people or the needy.
  • Rough sleeping is up.
  • Food banks are up.
  • Ex Tory Ministers are doing very nicely and making a killing.
  • The armed forces have been cut to the bone. May can’t even afford a war like Thatcher did.
  • The disabled and needy are being hammered.
  • Immigration is still around 250,000 – higher than in 2011/2/3.
  • Racism and hate crime is on the rise.
  • Brexit talks are a disaster. The hard right are setting the agenda. We’re giving away billions.
  • Fascism is on the rise.
  • The gig economy is doing well. People are working for next to nothing.

So – in summary

 – if you are poor, disabled or needy austerity has hit you hard.

  • If you are young and educated you can flip burgers for peanuts. There are few prospects.
  • If you are a public servant you are being scapegoated.
  • If you are an immigrant you will be blamed for everything.
  • If you are wealthy you’ve never had it so good.

What was it again? We’re all in it together? Well that is manifestly not true. Austerity is only for the poor and public servants – the wealthy are immune.

Well that is what you get with twelve years of Tory rule!! That’s what you voted for!

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