Liz Truss Hits The Ground!

After emerging from Johnson’s fridge Truss immediately plummets to the floor as our mortgages crash through the ceiling, the cost of borrowing soars and businesses watch in despair and all the stupid woman could say was a pack of lies. Britain is swirling down the gutter.

Seemingly the events, following her promise of huge uncosted tax cuts to the rich, were due to Putin and global forces. What a farce. How many times have we heard that excuse??

She’s got no idea of how to put this right and is prepared for the country to go down the drain rather than lose face.

I’ve got a good idea of how to put things right. It requires a simple three-part plan.

  1. Sack the stupid chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng who arrogantly rejected any oversight of his uncosted tax-cutting proposals because he knew that they are immoral and simply wrong.
  2. Withdraw the proposed budget. Hold your hands up and admit you got it wrong.
  3. Resign!

The country would instantly be in a better shape!

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