Liz Truss to give Ronaldo an extra £1.3 million!

Struggling Manchester United footballer trying to get by on a mere £87 million a year will be given an extra £1.3 million directly from us taxpayers!!

Truss will borrow billions so that people like Ronaldo can have millions more. (of course, it is us who will have to pay back these billions – plus all the interest).

Poor Ronaldo is reputed to earn a mere $320,000 a day. How can he possibly manage?

Obviously, he needs assistance much more than the pensioners or scroungers, the single mums and layabouts.

Of course families with both parents out working all hours with three jobs each and still not getting a living wage do deserve some sympathy. As do all hard-working people kicked out of their homes or freezing to death and starving through no fault of their own.

Mind you Liz Truss says they’re just all lazy and should work harder!

Liz Truss wants us to believe that giving millions to bankers and people like Ronaldo is good for the country. She thinks that it is well worth millions starving and freezing so that Ronaldo et al can have a million pounds more.

Now I wonder how this works?

What is Ronaldo going to do with that £1.3 million extra that is going to make life better for us?

As he’s not here to ask I will have to have a guess. He might send it back to Portugal? He might buy a superyacht from a far eastern country? He might stash it away for a rainy day on the Cayman Islands??

What I can’t see is how that’s going to help us?

Ronaldo is earning over £1.5 million a week.

I can’t help thinking that it would be life-changing if most of us received just one week of Ronaldo’s pay (which he would hardly miss).

Just imagine a nurse on £24,000 a year (what Ronaldo earns in an hour or two) suddenly getting £1,500,000 in her pay packet!

Perhaps what that nurse did with that sudden influx of money would be of greater use to the whole country than giving it to Ronaldo?

So why doesn’t Liz Truss borrow billions (at exorbitant rates) and, like Santa Claus, secretly put it in the pay packets of nurses, teachers, carers, and all the hard-working people!

The country would really benefit!

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