I’m hiding in the madhouse,

With the mad monkeys.

They’re all running wild

And I’ve lost my keys.

There must be some way out of here!

I yell through the window.

Looking out forlornly

At the beauty below.

The savage chimps

In charge of the arsenal

Have a nuclear trigger

To threaten us all.

They’re a paranoid bunch

Of vicious apes

And from this madhouse

There’s been no escapes.

What did I do

To end up in here?

The place of violence,

Torture and fear?

They’ve turned the set on

I gotta go

They’re feeding us a dose

Of the reality show.

They like to keep us quiet

As they rant and yell.

Feed us sedatives

So we don’t rebel.

I’m hiding in the madhouse

Down on my knees.

I’m getting desperate

Scrabbling for my keys!

Opher – 25.9.2022

I think this one has to be said out loud.

This planet has turned into a cross between a rubbish dump and a war zone. Everybody is threatened. We’re all abused.

Who turned these mad monkeys loose?

They dope us up on trivial game shows, alcohol and rings through our nose.

They’ve commercialised rebellion.

We’re fed our daily dose of propaganda, told what to think and how to act.

They create enemies of friends. Torture anyone who protests and strut around in their Hi-Vis dress.

The thing is – I don’t really believe in Karma.

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