Fits and starts,

A sniper and a Duke,

                Planes and towers,


                Bodies in the streets.

The world changes

                In sudden jerks.

                                It jumps.

Things are rarely the same for long.

Like a record

                Jumping between tracks.

Once it has jumped

                It can never go back.

Nothing will ever be the same.

                Lurching forwards

                                As events mutate

As decisions made by a few

                Dictate the lives

                                Of billions.

But not everything changes

                Some things stay the same.

Opher – 13.3.2022

Looking back through life one can see everything flowing along smoothly until, every now and then, there is a sudden jerk that changes things forever.

A sniper’s bullet killing an Archduke in Serbia leading to the First World War, the planes flying into the twin towers sparking waves of terrorism and horrendous wars that still resound through Brexit and Trump, now Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

History jumps into something different in an instant.

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