Lavrov’s Lament

Lavrov’s Lament

We are not going to attack other countries.

That would be insane.

We’re not going to use nuclear weapons.

We haven’t attacked Ukraine!

We did not blow up a hospital.

That is very plain.

It was a military target.

We haven’t attacked Ukraine!

There is no such thing as war.

War goes against the grain.

We are deploying peace keepers.

We haven’t attacked Ukraine!

Ukraine is run by neo-Nazis,

Causing Russians pain.

We are seeking to protect them.

We haven’t attacked Ukraine!

They want missiles on our borders

To soak us in nuclear rain.

We are seeking to protect ourselves.

We haven’t attacked Ukraine!

We’re not using Chernobyl as a threat.

Power stations will be maintained.

We’re searching for biological weapons.

We haven’t attacked Ukraine!

We’re not bombing civilian areas.

There are no civilians slain.

The Ukrainians are attacking themselves.

We haven’t attacked Ukraine!

We’ve not sent death squads for Zelensky

We’re not looking to blow out his brain.

Though Zelensky practices genocide

We haven’t attacked Ukraine!

Opher – 10.3.2022

It was pathetic to hear Lavrov declaring that they had not invaded Ukraine. That is double-speak of the highest order. War is peace. Black is white. Madness.

It was sickening to hear Lavrov say that the bombing of the maternity hospital was a legitimate target.

It is ludicrous to shut of the power to nuclear power stations and use them as a pawn in their game. This is not a game; it is war.

The Russians do surely have legitimate fears. NATO expanding to their borders is a concern. War is not the answer. Pretending that somehow Ukraine is the aggressor is madness.

Has paranoia created a collective madness or is Lavrov just following Putin’s party line for his own safety?

Now they are systematically bombing civilian areas and denying it. They are ominously saying they are hunting for biological and chemical weapons. Is this a prelude to them using them as they did in Syria and Chechnia? Are they setting the groundwork for escalation?

Lavrov is either insane or Putin’s puppet!!

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