Freedom is infectious

Freedom is infectious

Putin and his oligarchs are in control

They claim the right to direct us.

Same with Johnson, Trump and the elite

They claim to protect us.

But freedom is infectious.

Stand against the establishment machine

They claim that we are reckless.

They bleed us dry, laugh and sigh

Then kick us in the solar plexus.

But freedom is infectious.

Ukraine, Russia or the USA

The people’s spirit connect us

That elite is just the same

They never respect us

But freedom is infectious.

But freedom is infectious.

Freedom is infectious.

Opher – 7.3.2022

The real war is the one that has raged down the centuries – between the ones who are in control and the rest of us.

In primitive times it was the chief and shaman who held the power, had their pick of everything, lived in plenty and presided.

As ‘civilisation’ grew, kings, princes and robber barons, Bishops, Popes and Sheikh, lived in their palaces while the majority lived in hovels.

The powerful took from the poor until they had more than they could ever use. Ostentation lived beside poverty and death.

It still does.

The superyachts crowd the marinas while beggars starve in the streets.

That is the real war.

Whether it is the billionaire Trump, the greedy Tories or Putin and the oligarchs; they are all part of the same problem – gross inequality.

It’s time we ‘civilised’ people created a freer, more equal society – a global society without tribes and war.

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