Cuts  Cuts  Cuts

Cuts  Cuts  Cuts

Cuts  Cuts  Cuts

                The infrastructure of society

                                Slowly eroded;


                Into a profit-making




                                For the elite.

Waves crash against the cliffs.

Sand blows against the rock.

Acid eats the substrate.


                In education


                In the NHS


                In the police


                In Social Services


                In the Military


                In Youth Services

The bedrock of society

                Is gradually


The emaciated carcass

                Is paraded

                                For sale.

Opher – 3.3.2022

Steadily, over the course of these last twelve years, the Tories have been dismantling the public services, running them down, depriving them of cash and selling them off piece by piece for profit.

Tax cuts and bungs for the wealthy. Life is all about profits. There are the haves and the have nots. Only money-makers are worthy. Everyone else is a parasite.

Private health care. Private dentistry. Private education. Private security.

Those who can afford it receive the best of care.

Those without the cash…………………..

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