Peace keepers

Peace Keepers

Peace keepers

                Dishing out war.

                                Mindless monkeys

                                                Covered in gore.

Following orders

                Dispensing death

                                Invading lands

                                                With Hell’s breath.

War machine

                In full swing

                                On the orders

                                                Of a Russian King.

Skies full

                Missiles and planes,

                                Bullets and shells

                                                ‘Til nothing remains.

Madness of war,

                Stench of power,

                                Horror and terror

                                                Build by the hour.


                Fades away.

                                Power games

                                                Have their day.

Most condemn

                But some abstain

                                Watching on

                                                Enjoying the pain.

Opher 25.2.2022

It is interesting to watch the world’s reaction. Most condemn the bloody onslaught but some watch on with admiration or understanding. It shows clearly who you can trust, who is looking to cosy up, who is out to profit and who is planning the same.

In the 21st Century we are still behaving like violent chimps!!

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