The Lawyer and the Liar.

The Lawyer and the Liar.

Drab and boring, lacklustre and precise.

Lively, energetic, good fun but not nice.

Forensic, analytical, trustworthy but dull.

Fun, mischievous with never a lull.

Thorough, hard-working, truthful, concise.

Careless, lazy – we always pay the price.

One is lazy; the other is a trier.

One is honest; the other a liar.

One is sober; the other a glutton.

Which would you want with their finger on the button?

Opher 28.1.2022

Under the present system of government – first past the post – it is always a choice between two parties. One has to choose the lesser of two evils.

Keir Starmer is not my choice for either leading Labour or being Prime Minister.

But when compared to Boris Johnson the matter is stark

I believed Boris Johnson to be an utterly incompetent lying chancer. He is completely unfit to run a chip shop.

Keir Starmer is a watered down Tory but he is a thousand times better than Johnson.

We need to change the system to one of proportional representation so that we can get some integrity back into the system.

There is something incredibly wrong with a system that puts such a deeply flawed individual like Boris Johnson in charge. It has opened the door to sleaze, corruption and greed.

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