Boris Johnson was Voted the WORST Prime Minister in Post War British political history.

Not surprising really. Being lazy, self-serving, dishonest and cavalier as well as completely incompetent is not a set of credentials you want for high office. He’s a clown. A bit of fun. But is it ever wise to put a narcissistic clown in control of a country? I think not! Apart from that he hasn’t got a shred of honour or decency – it’s all a play-acting front! His rise to power has been an absolute disaster from beginning to end.

People are so gullible and have such short memories. His Brexit was a complete mess that is costing us tens of billions. His handling of covid was a complete shambles too – he needlessly killed thousands – if it hadn’t been for the drug companies pulling him out of a hole with the vaccines it would have been an absolute disaster.

What a nasty two-faced twerp!! He’s busy feathering his nest at our expense!! Only 49% think he’s the worst? That is scary. It should be 99%!

7 thoughts on “Boris Johnson was Voted the WORST Prime Minister in Post War British political history.

  1. The top 7 are also the last 7. Not quite in reverse chronological order, but close. These figures suggest that prime ministers are getting worse and worse as time goes on – exactly what I’ve been saying for years.

      1. Yes, that thought had crossed my mind too. But they’re all bad. The last one to have even a shred of humanity in him was Callaghan, and he was a total disaster – “winter of discontent” and all. Even his own left hated him!

        Mind you, Truss is going to inherit Johnson’s whirlwind. That’s why I say she won’t last six months.

      2. She is an arrogant cow of a woman who thinks she’s god’s gift. I hate that smugness. She will come a cropper.

      1. Right. I’ve had a read through and, as you might expect, there is good and bad.
        Firstly I would say that I’d never associate myself with an organisation that sounds like fascism sugar-coated with lashings of freedom and individuality. Smacks of Hitler youth to me.
        1. I am greatly in favour of complete transparency, rigorous scrutiny and accountability. Politicians need holding to their promises and actions and the law used against them. What these Tories have done is criminal.
        2. I also am totally opposed to political control and meddling with the media. The control of the newspapers and interference with BBC and Channel 4 is despicable. It is undiluted propaganda and lies.
        3. I also want a complete in-depth report on Covid and Brexit – two extremely poorly dealt with areas – full of corruption, greed and mismanagement. I agree with Lord Sugar – Gove and Johnson should be locked up.
        4. Covid was a global emergency. It was poorly managed but I do not agree that we did not need lock downs or stringent measures. We would have been looking at a million deaths without. Johnson probably cost us twenty thousand unnecessary deaths. I do not think SAGE was wrong and I do not think that experts are wrong. All very Trumpian and populist. Though I do believe that we need openness and accountability. We need to know who pays them. But to believe that any idiot with no knowledge or education (like Trump) can make informed calls on matters such as pandemics, Brexit or global warming is farcical. We need experts and scientists who understand the complexities. We need modelling. If vaccination had not come along we would really have been in the shit.
        5. I am greatly in favour of the EU and UN. We desperately need a global approach and global solutions to the immense problems facing us. But we do need transparency, scrutiny and accountability. Corruption is far too easy. It is far better to work together in partnership, with economy of scale, than to be insular and competitive.
        6. We need global green initiatives. For heaven sake Neil – haven’t you seen enough to realise that global warming is existential? How much parched earth, failed crops, record temperatures, droughts, floods and signs do you need? Are you going to wait to you’re standing up to the neck in sea water, or in a war for water, or flooded with immigrants before you admit you are horribly wrong?? The Russian war has surely proved that we need to move away from oil and gas and stop funding Russia and Saudi. We need clean solar, wind, geothermal and tidal and we need to solve intermitancy.
        7. You need to understand that we are animals, part of a global food web that we are utterly dependent on. We cannot separate ourselves from a highly complex system that has taken billions of years to grow into a massive interacting system. You appear utterly ignorant of how dependent we are on nature. This planet is a delicate web of life. It isn’t us and them. It’s all of us together. The sheer complexities of how this interdependent web has evolved is astounding. If we break it we break ourselves. It takes expert ecologists to fully understand that – not nincompoops.
        This group worries me Neil – too full of Kooks.

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