Beneath the layers of the mundane

                Lie a multitude of others.

Levels of intrigue,

                Layers of lies,

                                Echelons of power.

Buffeted on waves

                Ordinary life an illusion,


                A chimera.

We live a lie we believe.

                The invisible power struggle goes on unseen.

Bacteria floating on a thin skin over a cauldron of lava.

The cynical underworld,

                Covert operations,

                                Manipulations of the state.

                                                Power games.

Black ops,


                                Tyranny and control.

Civilisation a veneer.

                Pursuing the ordinary

In an illusory stability.

                Reality is more sinister!

Opher – 18.1.2022

We live a precarious existence; fragile creatures on the thin skin of the earth’s crust. Underneath us is an ocean of molten lava.

That crust splits, tears, erupts and shifts pouring forth fire, shaking the world apart and creating tsunamis.

The fault lines are not merely physical.

As we eat our Weetabix and prepare to pick up the newspaper gangsters are running protection rackets, planning raids, extorting, pimping, dealing and killing in a billion dollar industries.

Political and religious terrorists are plotting, The CIA, police and covert groups are running operations.

Governments are deploying tactics, troops and undercover operations.

We live ‘normal’ lives in the midst of vast power and intrigue.

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