Arrogance and Humiliation

People have short memories. Some want the inept liar back!!

Arrogance and Humiliation


                Before the nation

Arrogance comes before a fall.

                No excuses at all!

Party time

                Gives way.

Sober times

                Hold sway

The clown

                Who lies

Breaks rules

                Now cries.

Remorse counts for nought

                Now he’s caught.

A crocodile tear

                As the end

                                Draws near.

Opher – 18.1.2022

Politics is a game imbued with arrogance and entitlement. The present bunch of Eton Schoolboys exemplify everything that is bad about it. They are callous and cynical when it comes to deliberately throwing millions into extreme poverty. They put on these crocodile tears when caught out. They are beyond the pale.

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