Roy Harper – the madness of our political leaders – Gorbachev is the only one who comes out as sane from 1990. We are being led by psychopaths.

Led by power-mad, crazy psychopaths and sociopaths. This was a track on the great album Once. The winds of Change.

Are humans going to survive on this planet?

Gorbachev was probably the only sane one. He strove for peace.

dung xiaoping
what's in your head
tearing your people's ideas
into a shread
what's in your head
cracks in the pavement
watch where you tread
what's in your head
trying to shaft us with poll tax
we shaft you instead)
when we are old
we'll remember the time
you came in from the cold
what'll it be
a flash in the pan
or eternity
in the winds of change

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