Who to Venerate

Who to Venerate

Who should we venerate?

                The murderers and the thieves?

                                The warmongers, slavers

Exploiters and the chiefs?

Why not the poets

                The artists, musicians

                                And the dancers?

The people who create

                Not the selfish arrogant chancers.

Put the statues of generals

                Into the museum

                                Next to a statement of the facts

So that everyone can see them.

Opher 5.1.2022

The statues we erect are statements about who we value.

The kings, queens, generals and wealthy merchants.

All they represent is power and wealth.

It’s time we dumped these self-serving exploiters into museums.

We should be venerating the creative people – the artists, musicians, dancers, writers, poets and designers.

We should be venerating the compassionate ones – the doctors, nurses, carers.

We should be venerating the ones who care about the planet – the environmentalists, the biologists and ecologists.

We humans have our priorities all wrong.

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