How the Tories are attempting to stifle all scrutiny and opposition.

Emily Maitlis is right. The BBC is being loaded with Tories who are intent on using it as a Tory propaganda machine.

They are looking to shut down, take over or shackle Channel 4.

They already own nearly all the newspapers. The tabloid press is pouring out Tory propaganda to poison minds.

If there is no scrutiny, no accountability and no unbiased news you cannot have a democracy!

On top of that, they are stifling protest with draconian laws against protesting in the street and shackling the trade union movement with a set of laws that make it increasingly challenging to take lawful action.

Protest and free media are the heart of democracy. A government free of scrutiny, free of accountability with laws to prevent lawful protest is the very definition of a police state. If this is allowed to continue much further we will be as bad as Putin’s Russia and voting will be pointless.

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