Zaporzhzhia – Let’s Dice With Nuclear Death

Zaporzhzhia – Let’s Dice With Nuclear Death

Let’s dice with nuclear death.

Winning is more important than life.

Who cares about the future

When war’s stupid madness is rife?

For Putin is using blackmail;

Handing out his nuclear threats.

Insanely heading for meltdown.

Telling us Russia would have no regrets.

Zaporzhzhia could be the name we’ll remember

If Putin lets it blow.

He’s using it as a gambling chip,

Unleashing terror just so we’ll know.

He’s offering us a nuclear cloud

Designed to fill us with fear.

Another horrendous Chernobyl

Whose cost would be exceedingly dear.

There is no end to madness

When the powerful lock their horns.

The world becomes a huge chess set

And we’re the expendable pawns.

Opher – 20.8.2022

It is quite apparent that human beings are just exceeding stupid apes. Instead of using our intelligence and resources to build a better world we seem intent on destroying what we have.

The war in Ukraine is a litany of destruction, lives and incredible costs. In the midst of an existential climate crisis we are burning huge amounts of fuel, blowing up everything in sight and even threatening a nuclear holocaust. Is there a shred of intelligence to be found?

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