This is what we should be doing in the Cost of Living Crisis!

Nationalise water – so that the profits are put into improving the infrastructure, mending leaks, building more reservoirs and reducing bills instead of in the pockets of exceedingly rich people. Prepare for future global warming by storing more in the winter and piping it from areas of plenty to those areas in drought.

Nationalise energy (like the French did) – so that the price rise is not above 4% (like the French). So that the billions of profits do not go abroad to the fat cats who bought up our companies.

Put a cap on profits for all privatised companies – like the oil giants with heavy windfall taxes to help ordinary people with bills.

Heavily tax multimillion bonuses for bankers and businessmen.

Block the tax loopholes that enable people to earn millions and pay less tax than a nurse.

Give tax cuts to the oil companies to invest in massive increase in renewables.

Bring in schemes such as the Cardiff tidal barrier that would predictably produce tons of electricity at times when solar and wind might be in short supply.

Invest heavily in renewable energy. Free ourselves completely from being held to ransom by Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Big priority to bring in schemes to give grants to further make homes more energy efficient – more insulation, triple glazing, heat pumps, boilers, solar panels, heat retrieval from baths, sinks and small wind turbines.

The Tories always like giving huge sums of money to their chums at our expense. Kick the loathsome greedy Tories out!!

Where is Starmer??? Why aren’t Labour saying this??

4 thoughts on “This is what we should be doing in the Cost of Living Crisis!

  1. Oh dear, Opher. You want to “nationalize” an industry – that is, put it under control of the tory party?

    The relative success of the French is not because they nationalized anything, but because they went nuclear.

    Why do you want to tax people heavily, Opher? Taxation takes from the politically poor, and gives to the politically rich. Like Boris Johnson and Owen Paterson.

    So called renewable energy has a major problem; it isn’t reliable! It doesn’t work 24/7 at all times of the year.

    What would be the effects of the “Cardiff tidal barrier” on marine wildlife?

    Why are Labour not saying what you want them to say? Because Starmer isn’t entirely a fool. He wants the tories to carry on digging themselves into their pit.

    1. Ever been to Denmark Neil? A socialist country. Large taxation, fabulous facilities, much higher standard of living.
      A tidal barrier doesn’t have be bad for marine life – as long as it is designed properly. You’ll find the French nationalised so that the profits went to the people, not the fat cats.

      1. Yes, I’ve been to Denmark, Opher, but only for one day (on my way by train from Rotterdam to Stockholm in 1979). Can’t say I was much impressed. The most socialist country I have visited was Greece in 1995, and despite its history and great natural beauty it, too, didn’t seem like much of a place to live.

      2. Oh Denmark is beautiful. The facilities are superb and people so contented. Staying there was an eye-opener. They had everything they needed. Standards were so much higher than here.

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