Living in the Shadows

Living in the Shadows

Living in the shadows,

                In a crumbling state,

As the fog closes in around us.

Existing in a vacuum,

                Within a bubble,

                                As the water rose and drowned us.

Opher 221.7.2021

I wrote this in a morbid state of mind as I watched a news report on both covid and Brexit.

It seems to me that both the country I live in and my own mentality by crumbling before me.

The mismanagement, lies, corruption and incompetence regarding both Brexit and the handling of covid-19 has filled me with anger. It is a fury at the corruption, sleaze and arrogance that I detect at the heart of this regime of greedy, self-serving extremists.

They are useless. They have messed up everything they’ve touched.

The country is in a mess.

My mind is in a mess.

A sea fret was enshrouding the whole town. It felt like a metaphor.

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