Bit by Bit

Bit by Bit

Tree by tree                                       Pond by pond

Ditch by ditch                                    Field by field

Hedge by hedge                               Bush by bush

Verge by verge                                 Copse by copse

Plant by plant                                    Animal by animal

We chop                                              We cut

We shoot                                            We rip

We mow                                              We fill

We build                                             We burn

We bulldoze                                      We saw

Without a thought.

                A billion tiny acts.

Leaving a trail of corpses.

Opher Goodwin – 23.4.2021

It is non-stop. Every day I walk up my hill to the sound of gunfire. I see a new building plot. I see another tree felled.

Where once were hedgerows, ponds, streams, frogs and butterflies is now a green wasteland carefully sprayed.

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