More Tory Austerity For Us!! More wealth funnelled to the top! The Tory way!!

Some bloody choice!! We go from one lying, self-serving chancer to a pair of nasty, arrogant bastards!

Thanks John Peachey

8 thoughts on “More Tory Austerity For Us!! More wealth funnelled to the top! The Tory way!!

  1. Good heavens! Two Tories both telling truths at the same time! Recession and inflation usually go together – as Wilson and Callaghan would testify.

      1. Er, no… The recession and inflation are caused mainly by economic mis-management (particularly over COVID), green policies and Mr. Putin.

      2. Partially agree Neil. The recession is caused principally by Brexit, gross mismanagement of covid (billions wasted, billions given away, billions on fraud), Tory fraud and corruption, and Ukraine. Brexit has caused the biggest hit and ongoing problem. The way the Tories favour the wealthy, cut the poor and allow tax havens and tax dodges.
        The green money is not nearly enough as we are now seeing. The future damage is going to be enormous.

  2. 🙂

    If the “green money” we have paid over the last 30 years has had an effect, then why were temperatures so high last week? If it hasn’t had any effect, then why should we continue to pay?

    1. The threat of global warming is very real and only just beginning to get started. What we are seeing globally is the start of something that will be catastrophic. We are all responsible and have to deal with it as a whole world. As one of the big polluters, it is important that we set an example and do our part. We need to be world leaders helping other countries deal with their issues. Third-world countries will find it harder. As a nation that has developed solutions, we need to share and export. The price of producing green energy has come right down. It is cheaper. We have the expertise. This is the time when we start to export green solutions. If we play our cards right we can not only be part of the solution but make profit from our expertise and ability.
      There is no alternative. To do nothing is to contribute to our own demise.
      Seeing the global effects world-wide you must now be beginning to understand the implications of this. It is not a money-making exercise or a con. Global warming is real and devastating. It is existential for us as a species. When parts of the planet are uninhabitable and people are driven out by heat and drought the mass migration will really kick in. You won’t be so happy then when it turns nasty.

  3. Opher, I’ve (at last) finished my latest rant, about the UN’s “sustainable development goals” and their effect. It’s here: I know you disagree with me about the (pseudo) “science” of environmentalism. But on the politics, I think you will, after a (long?) pause for thought, find more agreement than you bargained for.

    Environmentalism isn’t a leftist thing at all. It’s actually being driven by the far right! As I say in the essay, “the [UN] agenda is a global power grab by an international élite of the rich and powerful, at the expense of ordinary people. This agenda is as far-right and “conservative” as you can get.”

    Please feel free to go across there and discuss.

    1. I think we are going to differ on this Neil. The UN is certainly not a tool of the right. I’ll check your rant tomorrow Neil.

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