Travel Chaos!! Blame the French!!

Now let me see.

Johnson and the Tories sold the public a fantasy of how good Brexit would be, how much richer we would all be and how hassle-free it would be.

50% of the population believed their lies or, due to racism or dislike of the EU, decided the costs were worth it.

We voted to come out of the EU.

That means we have to spend a fortune on extra border facilities, officers and border checks.

We think the extra costs and delays are well worth it.

For some reason we expect France to spend billions on extra staff, training and facilities too!

Nobody asks why should they?

France didn’t vote to put in borders and spend billions on unnecessary inspections, did they?

We now accuse France of causing unnecessary delays.

Are we stupid or just deceitful!

It was the UK that voted for this chaos! SUCK IT UP!!!

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