Let’s discuss abortion, the rights of an unborn foetus and the rights of women to decide on what they do with their bodies.

It seems to me that there is, cutting through the hype and emotion, a valid argument to discuss.

Should a woman have the right to decide for herself? Surely that is freedom?

Does an embryo have rights? When is it conscious? When does it become a baby?

Should religion have the right to impose its views on others? Shouldn’t the religious confine themselves to dealing with their own lives? Have they any right to interfere with how others choose to live or what they choose to believe?

What right do people have to impose their own views?

Should medieval scripture be involved in secular laws?

Isn’t this a case of freedoms? Don’t adults have the right to weigh things up for themselves and decide?

Who should be involved in this process?

Why has this become political?

Is this the tip of an iceberg? Will these religious people be after taking away the right to contraception? Are they really wanting to impose female chastity? Isn’t this a misogynistic form of punishment for ‘sins’ committed? Is sex back to being regarded as a grave sin for females (but not so bad for males)? Will women be back in long robes, face coverings and hidden away from sight? Are women to be seen as wanton temptresses who have to be controlled?

I thought we’d moved on.

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