Today’s Agenda!!

Having been away on a wonderful break one comes back full of vigour and desire!! Look out world!! It helps to have the radiant energy from our own star forcefully bathing us all in warmth and light. I do enjoy a spot of sunshine.

I’m starting the day by addressing the internet, communicating and dealing with issues.

Shortly I will take a long walk into the countryside with my partner for eternity (well at least my mortal time).

When we return I will be attempting to deal with the photos I took on my break. I like to make photo books. I will arrange, crop and relive the experiences. Photography is highly creative. I love it.

I will select some music – might be a bit of Roy Harper today. Maybe some Bert Jansch. I’ll see what I feel like. Might even put some Nirvana on!

Then I will scan the news and despair a bit more at the stupidity of mankind. I might also find the odd poem, artwork or kind act that provides me with a glimpse of hope.

Then I will turn my attention to continuing to write my new Bob Dylan book.

If no friends pop in I might watch a drama, some news, check the blog and off to bed.

How about you??

2 thoughts on “Today’s Agenda!!

  1. Sunshine in Iceland, Opher? Yes, I suppose there might be a lot of it at this time of year. But not the warm sunshine we want and need.

    Anyway, Johnson’s come-uppance is nearing with the recent by-election results. And there are bigger challenges to “the system” building now. I’m proud to be a part of them.

    1. It was actually quite warm Neil! Or was that just the geothermal?
      Yes – I am hoping he hangs on much longer and brings the lot of the greedy self-serving, arrogant bastards down with him!

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