How are the Tories going to get out of this??

They allowed Boris Johnson to pull the wool over their eyes. They thought that this lying conman was a genuine nice guy. Now they find out that all along he was a cunning, corrupt self-server.

They allowed the ERG extremists to take over the Tory Party and get rid of anybody who was at all competent. It’s pretty much the way the extreme populist Trumpians took over the Republican Party in the USA.

They fell for the Johnson/Cummings/ERG lies about Brexit. It is now costing us 4% of DGP and has caused chaos. That has really accelerated the Cost of Living Crisis.

They believed Johnson’s lies about Brexit, Care Homes, Covid, Levelling Up and the rest…………

They allowed the corruption to set in without challenge – illegality, billions given away to chums, billions squandered, illegal donors, illegal lobbying.

They allowed the public services to be run into the ground.

They allowed the poor to be hammered to pieces with child poverty, food banks and rough sleeping.

They allowed massive increases in the profits and income of the wealthy creating a massive inequality gap.

They allowed peerages for cash.

They allowed secret meeting for cash.

They tolerated the Russian Connection.

For years Boris Johnson got away with murder. He thought he could do what he liked because the electorate were gullible fools. He treated them with scorn.

He avoided all scrutiny and took no responsibility. He hid. He remained quiet. Things always died down. The people forgot and moved on.

The breaking point was reached. The public woke up. The worm turned. Most people now see him for the dishonourable lying bastard he really is. They see the Tory Party as a bunch of crooks.

There is no new leader who can dig them out of the hole they have dug themselves into. The Tory Party has been taken over by a bunch of incompetent imbeciles!

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