The USA has become a War Zone!!

As many Americans have been killed by guns this year as Russian soldiers in Ukraine!!

17,000 deaths!!

The 2nd amendment was brought in to create an armed militia three hundred years ago (when hardly any people lived in America (apart from Native Americans) in order to fight off the British if they tried to take back their colony.

Things are different now. Britain is not looking like it is going to invade the States any time soon.

Arming the whole population with military hardware is not making anyone safe. It puts assault rifles into the hands of children, madmen, gangsters, terrorists, confused youngsters, criminals and those with a grudge.

This year it has killed 17,000 people, including women and children. You have to be insane to think that is acceptable. But then the Trumpists are completely nuts!!

Hell – just look at the stats!!

I love America. I lived there for a year. I worked there. I made good friends. I wouldn’t want my kids anywhere near the place. It’s a warzone!! It’s far too dangerous! I’d feel safer in Afghanistan!!

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