Tangled Roots And Temples

Tangled Roots And Temples

Tangled roots and temples


Organic beauty

                                Juxtaposing elegance.

The majesty of man


And dwarfed

                                By the awe of nature.

Great tree trunks


Reaching for heaven

                                Spires in their wake.

Yet together as one


A work of great art

                                Synergy of man and nature

That is real truth


Of wonder and awe

                                Harmony with the universe.

Opher – 8.2.2021

This was a poem inspired by the temples of Angkor Wat. The majestic jungle trees festooning the ancient temple walls with their incredible roots.

For me it was poetry in natural form.

The juxtaposition of the organic natural with the angular manmade structures created a majestic form greater than either.

The temples were constructed to worship a fictional god.

Nature had taken over.

But together they were a real celebration of the wonder of forever.

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