Make America Great Again!

‘My fellow Americans, this is your real President speaking!’

‘Like you, I was shocked by the shooting at Uvalde. All those poor little kids mown down by a leftist madman. Terrible.’

‘If we’re gonna do something to make America great again we’ve got to do something with guns.’

‘Unlike those pussyfooting commie Dems who want to take your guns off you, I have the answer. We have to arm the kids! That’s right! Arm the kids!’

‘The only answer to a lousy commie Dem with a gun is a brave American kid with a gun!’

‘We could start in first grade by issuing all the kids with derringers! Just imagine some commie trying to get into a school being met by a hail of bullets from 30 patriotic kids!!’

‘By the time we get to Junior School they could progress to Colt 45s. That’d blow them commie suckers away!’

‘With junior and seniors having good old American M16s every school will be safe!’

‘It’s the American way!! Make America great again! Arm the kids!’

‘Of course, we’d have to train them. We could do away with all those useless lessons on Science and stuff, and replace them with good old American arms training. Every school should have a shooting range!’ ‘Every kid should have sufficient weapons and ammo to keep them safe!’

‘Think of the benefits! No more schoolyard bullying!’

‘I just hear all those wimpy soft-hearted liberals saying that there’d be accidents an’ stuff! But maybe they’d just blow away all the bad guys. No more gangs! No more crime!’

‘Arm the kids!’

Make America great again!

‘You know it makes sense!’

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