The REAL implications of PARTYGATE!! Opher’s views!!

A new set of photos have been released. They probably stem from dissatisfied minions who have been multiply fined, while their leaders and party organisers go free.

Lest we forget – the rules that Boris Johnson and his government had brought in at that time were draconian:

‘The rules prohibited indoor gatherings of two or more people. The police have confirmed that the fines handed out over this event were for breaching this restriction.

An exception was allowed if the gathering “was reasonably necessary” for work purposes’.

The fines for breaking these rules were capped at £6400!!

Bear in mind that people at that time were often isolated, all alone, trapped in their own houses. Sick people could not be visited. Friends could not meet up. Lovers were kept apart. Families were kept apart. Marriages could not take place. Funerals could not happen with any gathering. Dying people could not be visited.

These photos beg a number of questions: Was this a party? Was this a work meeting? Were all government guidelines being followed (masks, distancing, numbers)? Was the ‘party’ condoned by Boris Johnson? Did he lie to the House of Parliament and the country?

Context:¬†Labour MP Catherine West asked: “Will the prime minister tell the House whether there was a party in Downing Street on 13 November [2020]?”

What Mr Johnson said: “No – but I am sure that whatever happened, the guidance was followed and the rules were followed at all times.”


Let’s break down his answer. The first part is the apparent denial that there was a party on 13 November 2020.’

My views:

Nobody can tell me that this was a work meeting or that guidelines were being followed. It was obviously a party and rules were manifestly being broken.

The clown who is currently our Prime Minister denied that there were any parties when he was actually present at a number of them! He’s a liar!

The clown knew there were parties being held at a time of strict lockdown. Instead of putting a stop to them he openly condoned them and joined in! He later lied to parliament about this! He’s a liar!

Being adorned with tinsel, smuggling in booze, being packed into a room with some people sitting on the laps of others is not a work meeting. It is a party. No covid guidelines were being followed. When the clown stated to the House of Commons that all Covid guidelines had been followed he knew they had not been. He lied.

The fact that the MET supposedly investigated this over a long period at huge expense and only handed out fines to the lesser minions is a scandal. The minions were chucked under a bus. The leaders who condoned the events and organised the parties should be the ones to pay! Is this an example of political interference? Police incompetence? Is the MET working with the Tories?

The fact that fines were so light compared with fines handed out to members of the public who contravened these laws is simply not right. There should surely be the same treatment for all.

While he placed us in strict lockdown with fear of draconian penalties he and his cronies felt themselves above this law, felt themselves free to meet up and party, and, as we saw from the Allegra Stratton snippet, were laughing at us. Johnson could easily have put a stop to these 21 parties. He didn’t. He condoned them and was present at a number of them!

Why wasn’t he fined for each transgression? It smacks of corruption!

Why the secret meeting with Sue Gray?? Was this more political pressure?

Why the extended cover-up by government ministers – trying to make out that this law-breaking and lying to parliament was trivial? Trying to suggest that there were more important issues? Trying to force the police to investigate Labour? Trying to suggest that Starmer’s working beer was the same as Johnson’s 21 ‘bring a bottle of booze’ parties? These ministers know he lied and are trying to distract and cover-up! They are culpable!! They should be ashamed of themselves and resign!!

What should happen now.

Johnson should resign immediately.

All politicians and top civil servants who organised or attended should resign immediately!

The MET should release all its criteria for NOT prosecuting Johnson and the Leaders. There should be an immediate investigation of their whole operation!

We should hold a general election and let the country appoint a new government!

We desperately need a competent government with integrity, one we can trust!

This bunch of over-privileged, lying, self-servers are corrupt, incompetent and dishonest. They need kicking out!!

2 thoughts on “The REAL implications of PARTYGATE!! Opher’s views!!

  1. November 13th 2020 was the day Dominic Cummings left. As well as another member of Johnson’s spin team, as I recall. There’s a story going round that they “played ABBA” that evening – don’t know how reliable it is. But Sue Gray should know!

    I can’t disagree with what you say on this issue, Opher, except to add that lying to the people you are supposed to “represent” ought to be a dismissal offence, with loss of pension.

    1. I agree with you Neil. Any other PM in history would have gone long ago. The man is utterly brazen and has no integrity. I look forward to Sue Gray. We’ll see if she’s been nobbled.

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