Native American Indians – A story of genocide and betrayal.

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Native American Indians – A story of genocide and betrayal.


As a young boy I was brought up on Westerns. The red Indians were savages who attacked settlers and stage coaches with the intent of scalping everybody. They whooped and were quite stupid. They rode around while the cowboys shot them. We used to play cowboys and Indians in the streets. The cowboys had rifles and the Indians had bows and arrows. It was seen as a fair fight.

It was a portrayal that bore only scant resemblance to the truth.

The Native American Indians were a disparate group of tribes. They, along with the entire indigenous population of South America, have, determined through DNA analysis, descended from just seventeen breeding males. At some point these intrepid individuals made the hazardous journey across the Bering Straits into Canada. They probably originated as a band of hunter/gatherers; a group of…

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