Poetry – Militia


Guys in masks,

With rifles,

On the streets

Subverting democracy.

Called to the polling stations

To intimidate you and me.

Called by their President

To subvert

The process of election.

Spreading fake news

About fraudulent voting

Without foundation.

Can this be happening

In the 21st Century?

That a President

Unleashes militia

In complete anarchy?

Opher – 30.9.2020

If ever there was a blatant attempt to subvert democracy, this was it.

What Trump has been doing is scandalous, yet they let him get away with it!

The man pours out fake news and lies.

He actively calls armed militia out on to the streets.

He’s inviting intimidation and violence.

He is trying to set an agenda that is as false as the stripper’s boobs.

This is unprecedented or should that be unpresidented?

Yet so many are falling for it.

That says reams about them.

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