It’s the Big Red Hot Throbbing Ones!!

Well, the Tory Public Schoolboys have always been renowned for their love of S&M, being disciplined, thrashings with their favourite dominatrix (reminiscent of matron), buggery and sodomy, but tractors?? I’d never realised the erotic appeal of a hot, throbbing, big red Massey Ferguson.

It’s an addiction that quickly builds from the softer end to the full plough and discing. Before long you find yourself attracted to the full combine and you’re doomed. You find yourself lusting after a Claas Lexion 8900 with active concave isolation. Imagine grappling with that on a hot, steamy summer night!

It’s a different way of pulling! Hot, steamy Summer days in the meadows grasping the accessories of your Deere!

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