The Tory Party – A bunch of Extreme Populists led by a clown, seeped in Racism, Misogyny and Corruption.

To them running the country is a second job.

Their whole focus is on making money any way they can.

They give out illegal contracts to family and friends.

They continually lie.

When caught out they lie, then blame others, try and brazen it out and never resign.

They said they were throwing a protective ring around the care service – they really meant they were panicking and throwing infected patients into Care Homes to kill thousands.

They sit in the chamber watching porn.

They sleazily talk about Angela Rayner’s legs in salacious misogynistic terms.

They break the law and the rules they made for ‘us’.

They have brought in a disastrous Brexit that is costing us a fortune.

We had one costly Covid fiasco after another with money showered around to chums and completely wasted – apps, T&T, contracts.

Their borrowing is astronomical.

Now they are putting up taxes and National Insurance so that we pay for their costly mistakes.

A complete and utter disaster.

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