Poetry – Policing


They are employed to protect us –

Not to terrorise!

But some abuse their power –

Fail to empathise.

Full of prejudice and hate

Some dispense brutality.

Based on race and colour

They vent hostility.

They need holding to account!

No-one is above the law!

We need to monitor their actions

So they know the score!

The police should be there for all

Majority and minority.

This society should be a melting pot

Of equality and plurality!

Opher – 5.6.2020

We shouldn’t have to fear the police, but we do. We should not suspect them of exercising their prejudices, revelling in their power and using unfair tactics, but we do.

Having been the wrong end of a lot of police harassment and wrongfully being booked a number of times, solely based on the length of my hair, I know exactly what it is like to be an ethnic minority in the UK.

In the USA it is worse. They are armed.

If you are black you risk being shot.

It may be a minority but it tarnishes them all.


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