Poetry – What Makes a Goon?

What Makes a Goon?

What makes a goon?

Strutting in uniforms

With body armour and masks.

What makes a goon?

Behind their shields

With their guns and batons.

What makes a goon?

Following orders

Mindlessly dispensing violence.

What makes a goon?

Arm of the State

Merchants of terror.

What makes a goon?

Beating heads

Stiffling protest.

What makes a goon?

Teargas and bullets

Terror and power

What makes a goon?

Mindless zombies

Faceless thugs.

What makes a goon?



What makes a goon?

Instruments of tyranny

Never questioning.

What makes a goon?


Vehicles of oppression.

What makes anybody want to give up their individuality, their ability to reason, and become an enemy of the people?

Opher – 7.9.2020

These faceless men in uniform are merely obeying orders. They do as they are instructed, without question.

Perhaps they should start to question a lot more?

But their training in one long session of brain-washing – follow instructions, obey, do not think. You are a machine. You are a goon – a vehicle of the state.

You cannot question authority. They are always right.

Thus dictator after dictator, tyrant after tyrant, is propped up by mindless goons.


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