Blame the Poor!! Praise the Rich!!

We are always directed to blame the poor for being workshy, feckless or for fiddling benefits.

Fiddling benefits by the poor costs the country £2.5 billion!! The Tory press is up in arms. These scroungers and cheats should be hunted down and locked up!!

Yet the fiddling of tax by the rich costs the country £35 billion!! We don’t hear a peep about it! This includes criminal fraud, tax evasion schemes using loopholes and deliberate obfuscation. There is no great rush to stop up the loopholes, shut down the tax evasion schemes or catch crooks who are fiddling millions!

Poor people fiddling tens or hundreds of pounds are villified and prosecuted (rightly). Extremely wealthy people stuffing millions abroad to evade tax are ignored – even praised for their initiative (wrongly)


4 thoughts on “Blame the Poor!! Praise the Rich!!

    1. No joy. I keep sending in stuff into this stupid mechanised system and they still keep saying I haven’t provided enough proof. I can’t do any more. It’s looking increasingly as if I’ve lost all my emails and addresses. Pretty much a disaster!! This Microsoft system is totally insane and frustrating. There is nobody to talk to and no way around it. They have bank accounts, email addresses, subjects of emails, names, addresses, telephone numbers, birthdates. There is nothing more! There is nowhere to add anything or say anything.

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