Education – why the Tories changed the Education system.

They deliberately changed education from experiment, investigation and creativity to rote memory of ‘facts’ for exams.

They didn’t want people having fun investigating, doing experiments or creating. They wanted people learning to be controlled, sitting in rows being fed information. They wanted kids memorising information and regurgitating it for examinations. They then wanted to separate these into failure and success.

Hence they narrowed the curriculum, doing away with the creative arts subjects (not good for jobs) and altered the syllabi in order to be factual instead of experimental.

They did away with the GCSE, which worked for all levels of ability, hardened it up to create more failure.

Mind you, they did not impose this regime on the private schools. Those privileged kids could be creative and inventive, it was the hoi-polloi that they wanted as work fodder.

How stupid is this??

It was purely political. They did not want to encourage questioning or investigation in the general population. They wanted a quiescent population who could be easily channelled. They wanted workers who did not challenge them.

Unfortunately, this is plain stupid. We live in an age where all information is available at the touch of a keypad. There is no need to memorise it all. Information is no longer the most important factor. What society needs is inventiveness and creativity. That is what made this country so dynamic.

The Tories want creativity and inventiveness in the hands of the privileged. The rest of us don’t need to think – just to work and earn money for them.

We should know our place.

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