Poetry – Incomprehensible – How Amazing!

Incomprehensible – How Amazing!

Incomprehensible unlikelihood,

Unbelievable immensity,

Improbable developments,

In the midst of nothing,

Out of nowhere,

Going all ways

At once.

How Amazing!

Contemplating, calibrating,

Understanding, thinking,


With a pink jelly

Infused with electricity

Creating reality

Out of nothing;

Beyond understanding.

How Amazing!

Opher – 3.5.2020

I keep going back to the big questions. Where do we come from? How big is infinity? How is something created out of nothing? How do our brains enable us to think? What is reality?

Some contemplate these things and turn to religion for answers.

I do not.

I think religion has no answers.

Perhaps the answers are too weird?

Science only tells a partial picture.

All I can say when I look out at the cosmos, at the creation of life, the evolution of life or our own minds, is WOW!! How Amazing!

That might be enough.


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