2 thoughts on “Jonathan Pie tears into Tory Lies!! The Russian connection!!

  1. Opher – This from the Guardian’s news-feed quoting an exchange between Chris Bryant MP (Labour) and Mark Spencer (Tory), the Commons leader.

    “Why on earth didn’t the government do something much sooner about it? I am delighted that Roman Abramovich and [Oleg] Deripaska have been sanctioned today, to be honest I think they should have been sanctioned several years ago.”

    “Are we going to tackle the people who have acted as proxies for these people? Like Greg Barker [the Conservative peer who recently resigned as chairman of EN+, the mining company part-owned by Deripaska]? Arron Banks [the pro-Ukip millionaire who funded the Leave.EU campaign]? Ben Elliot [the Conservative party co-chairman whose luxury concierge company, Quintessentially, has many Russian clients]? Are we going to sanction some of the people – all the people who have been acting as proxies for them?”

    “Are we going to sanction some of the people like Dmitry Mazepin, who are Belarusians who have been actively supporting the invasion in Ukraine? Because I think the whole house wants to take a full united approach to this but we just worry that the UK sanctioned seven people today, the EU – all 27 countries – sanctioned 160 yesterday.”

    In response to Bryant, Mark Spencer, the Commons leader, said:

    “I think we now are in a place where we have the most robust sanctions regime in place … I don’t think it is helpful to have a running commentary on individual names in this chamber but he should rest assured the United Kingdom is taking action, will continue to take action and we will be very robust in those sanctions.”

    It’s like Pie says in the video: Russian money is so deeply ingrained in U.K politics, in U.K society, culture, property ownership etc, that it will very hard to remove all links to Putin that occur by way of association. Despite their rhetoric, the hypocritical Tories have shown themselves woefully unwilling to go after all individuals with fingers in dirty Russian money pies. Too many legal loopholes, too many open doors have been put in place to protect the assets of those favoured by the Tories. Our government is weak to respond and full of bullshit, hot air, and soundbites. Never trust a dirty Tory, never believe a word spoken by our lying P.M. They have shamed our nation in order to enrich themselves at the expense of millions who’ve suffered at the hands of merciless regimes. By rights, the U.K Tory Party should be sanctioned.

    Bryant is correct to demand more sanctions. He should peck away at every possible opportunity until the full extent of his message gets through to the voters. Starmer should be supporting Bryant calling out the Tories for who and what they really are. Let’s see if he does.


    1. The Tories are so deeply into corruption and Russian money that they are running scared. They have to be seen to be doing something but really don’t want to hurt their friends and donors – hence a luke-warm response with plenty of time for their friends to extract themselves.

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